RTS Game to Perfection in Boom Beach

It’s become cliché for non-gamers to make fun of the those who play. But it’s hard to ignore the millions of loyal  fans out there who play their game like Boom Beach. Thankfully, Supercell seems to have paid attention to their needs and wants. Boom Beach for the iOS and Android is an excellent recreation: fun, deep and graphically impressive base building game that has taken cues from the cons of Clash of Clans. The question now is: Does this game lives up to the expectation? In a word, yes.

Boom Beach, with support for online gameplay in various matches and game modes, from challenge to singleplayer to multiplayer mode, to attack, to defend, and create the best base out there is a complete epitome of what fans have been looking for that were not present in other games. Diamonds will play a big factor on this game, so if you want to find out more about the best boom beach hack online tool.

There’s also a new mode called Task Force, and the good thing is that it brings social presence in the game, which is basically a fun and interesting feature. And don’t forget the training mode, which allows you to practice your strategy and tactics on both attacking and defending opponents in various situations. A great feature, which is a mandatory requirement in today’s base building game, but I am surprised others have not implemented it yet.

But perhaps the best part of Boom Beach game, and the reason players will keep coming back, is the challenge that it brings to the table. Tired of the standard RTS game? Challenge yourself to a whole new level. This game mode offers dozens of changeable options that allow you to get the look you want for your own king of the archipelago. This feature alone could arguably be worth the whole value of the game. We had so much fun with this option fighting against each other for hours of fun.

Graphically, Boom Beach is excellent, with hardly a hint of slowdown, even with so many players playing it at the same time. Though some of the sprites are not really that commendable, but with smoother animation everything looks perfect. Sound also is solid with their own theme music, which is passable, and a welcome addition to the atmosphere of the game.

Control, which is critical to any strategy game of this magnitude, is not a problem with Boom Beach both on smartphones and tablets. Each game character are optimized for best control settings possible. Most are performed with simple button presses — and reaction time is very impressive. When all these aspects are combined, it sums to an awesome game of minds and strategy in Boom Beach.

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