Random Thoughts on a Random Day

I remember when I was seven years old and I received my first 8-bit Nintendo set, thereby cementing myself to the developmental road of Gamerhood. I remember the wonder I used to feel when I looked at the figures of a fat little plumber and his brother jumping around on the screen. Now all I feel when I look at them is a sense of deep, deep disappointment. Nintendo, you’re a pud. Stop the witch hunt.

In the meantime, my archives are messed up, and due to the scary-ass html remnants left over from the Geocities pagebuilder I moved this site to Freeservers off of, I don’t know why.

It’s good to be back in the dorm. I’m currently working on some new storylines n’stuff, which is what I amused myself with over break while I couldn’t draw my comics. I also took up reading the newspaper like a good citizen every morning over my bowl of cinnamon oatmeal (sweet sweet oatmeal) and a tall glass of apple cider. My favorite article by far was the one that detailed the Army’s new slogan change. How many of you were aware of this?

Remember “be all that you can be?” No more. The new Army slogan is “An Army of One.” Plus, I have it on good authority that they’re changing the style of the current classic quasi-baseball cap army hat look to…berets. That’s right, berets. Cracker, I advise you to get out as soon as you possibly can, ’cause the times, they are a’changin’. Unless you think a beret would go with your snooty turtleneck European look.

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