Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the upcoming sequel to Colin Trevorrow’s fourth Jurassi Park film, Jurassic World. We will get to see catastrophic episode hitting Isla Nublar forcing our main characters to evacuate the remaining creatures. We’ll get to see a mix of dinos and mankind again on this movie and this time, in the mainland, in the city, away from Isla Nublar. Yes, we can expect to see last of Isla Nublar, prolly at the beginning part of this movie.

Team T-Rex or Team Spinosaurus (Jurassic World Evolution Game)?

Jurassic movies made a mark on everyone and created division on fans as well, ever since it hits theaters — Team T-Rex or Team Spinosaurus. After the latter killing the former in the film, there were debates whether the battle was realistic and did the young bull really deserve such death? It was indeed epic because the T-Rex, up until that point, reigned as the ultimate king of Jurassic Park. It wasn’t something that could just be taken lightly and right away but made fans scratch their heads for T-Rex to be dethroned by a dino whose bite force paled in comparison. But guess what, it seems however that the team behind the Jurassic World Evolution game are without a doubt, Team Rex. Two species profile videos were released, the first being one for Spinosaurus and it did show off some T-Rex versus Spin action. Hhhmmm…

Indoraptor Unleashed

Director Bayona indeed made true to his word that he’s gonna make this film a rather scary one. One of the breathtaking scenes is when this Indoraptor gets inside the girl’s bedroom while she is shaking and hiding under the sheets. Given these scenes, it seems that the Indoraptor will be one of those dinos having big roles in the sequel. Guess we’ll get to see it a lot in this movie. As to the girl, she’s been appearing many times on the trailers. We’ll get to know more of her very soon.

Claire rides a T-Rex

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has already succeeded Jurassic World 2 film streaming by utilizing more practical effect dinos and as this new behind-the-scenes video shows, the animatronics are on par with those used in the original Jurassic Park films! The video shows a number of the dino puppets put to use as well as some of the larger, full scale dino robotics – mainly Rexy and Blue. Fans will be happy since the set allowed for close-quarters practical effects usage. And yes, we see Claire riding on the back of the Rexy animatronic! Cool, isn’t it?

Focus on Owen and Blue

Who would not want to see Owen and Blue reunited? I for one would love to see them reunited and get back to their original relationship again. It is hard for Owen in this sequel to know that the company asking them to help on the rescue has some plans for Blue, to be used as a killing machine. This is really the meat of the matter here, how Owen and Claire stop the evil plans of this company, and help save the old and new dinos, especially Blue. Indeed, humans never learn.

Lions, Tigers, T-Rexes on new footage!

Ever imagined if these gigantic creatures meet with the wild, tigers, lions and others? Yes! A new TV spot for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was just released featuring a voiceover by, oh, yes, Jeff Goldblum himself, packing a ton of new footage and extended cut-scenes from the film. We can enjoy watching a great shot of the Indoraptor and an even better shot of Rexy making her way through a zoo, and there, coming face to face with a Lion! Will the lion gets a chance?

Now, we’ve got at least, a good overview of what to expect this coming 22nd, June. While waiting is slowly killing us, based on the trailers and latest updates, we can thank them enough for giving us something to watch out for, which is really feeding our appetite of expectations so far.

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