Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the upcoming sequel to Colin Trevorrow’s fourth Jurassi Park film, Jurassic World. We will get to see catastrophic episode hitting Isla Nublar forcing our main characters to evacuate the remaining creatures. We’ll get to see a mix of dinos and mankind again on this movie and this time, in the mainland, in the city, away from Isla Nublar. Yes, we can expect to see last of Isla Nublar, prolly at the beginning part of this movie.

Team T-Rex or Team Spinosaurus (Jurassic World Evolution Game)?

Jurassic movies made a mark on everyone and created division on fans as well, ever since it hits theaters — Team T-Rex or Team Spinosaurus. After the latter killing the former in the film, there were debates whether the battle was realistic and did the young bull really deserve such death? It was indeed epic because the T-Rex, up until that point, reigned as the ultimate king of Jurassic Park. It wasn’t something that could just be taken lightly and right away but made fans scratch their heads for T-Rex to be dethroned by a dino whose bite force paled in comparison. But guess what, it seems however that the team behind the Jurassic World Evolution game are without a doubt, Team Rex. Two species profile videos were released, the first being one for Spinosaurus and it did show off some T-Rex versus Spin action. Hhhmmm…

Indoraptor Unleashed

Director Bayona indeed made true to his word that he’s gonna make this film a rather scary one. One of the breathtaking scenes is when this Indoraptor gets inside the girl’s bedroom while she is shaking and hiding under the sheets. Given these scenes, it seems that the Indoraptor will be one of those dinos having big roles in the sequel. Guess we’ll get to see it a lot in this movie. As to the girl, she’s been appearing many times on the trailers. We’ll get to know more of her very soon.

Claire rides a T-Rex

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has already succeeded Jurassic World 2 film streaming by utilizing more practical effect dinos and as this new behind-the-scenes video shows, the animatronics are on par with those used in the original Jurassic Park films! The video shows a number of the dino puppets put to use as well as some of the larger, full scale dino robotics – mainly Rexy and Blue. Fans will be happy since the set allowed for close-quarters practical effects usage. And yes, we see Claire riding on the back of the Rexy animatronic! Cool, isn’t it?

Focus on Owen and Blue

Who would not want to see Owen and Blue reunited? I for one would love to see them reunited and get back to their original relationship again. It is hard for Owen in this sequel to know that the company asking them to help on the rescue has some plans for Blue, to be used as a killing machine. This is really the meat of the matter here, how Owen and Claire stop the evil plans of this company, and help save the old and new dinos, especially Blue. Indeed, humans never learn.

Lions, Tigers, T-Rexes on new footage!

Ever imagined if these gigantic creatures meet with the wild, tigers, lions and others? Yes! A new TV spot for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was just released featuring a voiceover by, oh, yes, Jeff Goldblum himself, packing a ton of new footage and extended cut-scenes from the film. We can enjoy watching a great shot of the Indoraptor and an even better shot of Rexy making her way through a zoo, and there, coming face to face with a Lion! Will the lion gets a chance?

Now, we’ve got at least, a good overview of what to expect this coming 22nd, June. While waiting is slowly killing us, based on the trailers and latest updates, we can thank them enough for giving us something to watch out for, which is really feeding our appetite of expectations so far.

Best Idea of Using PayPal

If you have been using PayPal since before, then you should know it was x.com. Even from the start PayPal has plenty of flaws which also connected to eBay with regards to their services. As eBay join forces together with PayPal has been controlling products and online process through. Although with PayPal you can easily transfer money easily in every transaction. However, there people all over the world who stop using PayPal because of eBay.

There many things you need to know about PayPal. There are plenty of information you should take into account and share it to other people. Now let’s begin with the user agreement, PayPal has authority for discretion in case you have violated anything, whether basically if you did or the company declares that you have violated any rules. PayPal will not be your ally in times of violation and in all honesty they will not give you any chance.

The decision making is solely base on PayPal which means you have no control on whatever reason you want to explain. Even you use FB or twitter to shout outs any complaint about PayPal it will not reach them and they will not listen to the complaints. In case if you are very annoying to them they can block your account for 9 months. By the way if you have plenty of money stored in PayPal, in case your account is locked you cannot withdraw your money and there is nothing you can do about the situation. You can’t make any transaction to your account because you cannot access it. This means whenever you want to buy something you can’t buy anything or receive money from your client. While some consider that PayPal is a bank, yet it is not, it can be a headache when you have some issues with it.

Imagine all your money within the PayPal, you cannot use it for 9 months and if they really want to shut your account then all your money in PayPal will be gone. In case your business online is doing will while you are using PayPal as means of depositing your income, then all of a sudden they found something unpleasant in your transaction or violated something, no chances, no explanation they will shut down your account then you will be shocked with that.

However the good thing is that when you use PayPal wisely then you will have an advantage. With it you can have easy money transfer and purchase products easily. The best thing you can do if your business online doing well is not to store money on PayPal. Perhaps you may just have from time to time withdraw money and left few for your daily transaction and other payment if there is. In this way, when trouble comes you can save your money and you will have no headache in the future.

Granting that you want to make easy money online because you are broke and you failed to so many times and you been spending money to invest on some method but it never works. If you think earning money online is easy nope its not. You need to spend more time studying, applying and working because it requires dedication and enough information to start But most people just jump into PPC which is not a bad thing if somebody teaches you the right way to do it. But if you do on your own its going to be disaster you will only be wasting thousand of dollars.

A message for Clash Royale Fans and Gamers

A great card game would be the coolest idea ever for the IOS. With the added graphical power, the environments could come alive as gamers have never seen before. Porting a horrible game over from Japan and trying to Americanize it, however, was neither a cool idea, nor an original one. This hastily assembled, disposable piece of plastic tries to surf, as it were, entirely on the cool little surfboard add-on that’s used to control the rider, but it wipes out early and often.

Third-party support has always been the backbone of any successful console, and while the emergence of every major company in support of the IOS is certainly welcome, it has a dark side as well. With companies scrambling to get something, anything, out in time for launch, there are sure to be some, um, sacrifices. One of the first to qualify as pure altar bait is SuperCell’s Clash Royale, a crap title if we’ve ever seen one.

A warmed-over port of Clash Royale from Finland, the game is about as basement bargain bin as console games get. If this game were $9.99 for the PC, it wouldn’t be worth the price. The graphics are horrible, the gameplay is crap, the camera induces nausea, and the plastic the game comes in is made from the skin of murdered baby seals. (OK, we made that last part up.) The game is that kind of aggravating.

Let’s start with the graphics. Not since the Genesis we keep in the office to play Toejam and Earl was the recipient of approximately three gallons of semidigested alcohol at the last Christmas party have we witnessed game visuals quite as disturbingly bad. Every level looks basically the same, with a big stretch of ocean that has great basic water texture, then looks horrible every time it moves. There’s different weather, but because none of it affects anything or is even evident without looking –isn’t rain supposed to make some sort of impact when it hits large bodies of water? — there’s not much point to its presence.

Bizarre character design was one of the few things that made Clash Royale interesting — the gang had apparently come from outer space for a big card competition, we kid not — but H30 replaces the shark-headed freaks and giant rock monsters with generic Gen-X racers. Each one of the new crew has a name like that of a star of a bad B-grade card movie (Kelly Sunset, Mark Mavericks — he’s extreme!). Each also has slightly different abilities than the other surfers. Or at least that’s the idea. In reality everyone acts pretty much the same, although some people can’t do some tricks.

Not that the tricks are exactly easy to do, mind you. The entire control scheme centers on a little surfboard that snaps over the Dual Shock 2’s analog sticks and is reminiscent of the fingerboards that have become popular of late. This strange device works well for basic card, but its novelty is about the only reason for playing the game, because the tricks are just about impossible to pull off with any frequency.

Even if players were patient enough to work out all the poorly animated tricks, they’d be hard-pressed to figure out where to pull them off, with H30’s insane camera attempting to thwart them at every turn. It would take the poor saps and make them think that up was down and left was right, and that they were constantly changing directions, even when they were just trying to go straight. And they would be sad. Like we were.

Cooling System For Laptop – Technews

The reviewed our fair share of gaming laptops on Linus tech tips and while recent models have really tried to up the mobile gaming ante with features like 4k displays SLI and full-blown desktop-class GPUs. Like the GTX 980 pushing the performance envelope so much means that heat management is a constant challenge and has always been so many laptop coolers on the market can be pretty hit or miss.

However after we notice the well-reviewed polar LC 05, we wanted to put it to a test to see if this little guy contain the fiery demons it’s not a couple of our high-end notebooks until skull candy enough features a sixth generation Core i7 processor and Thunderbolt. Most laptop cooling solutions out there today take the form of a pad that you set your laptop on which cools things down with the series of USB powered fans on the inside the polar LC 05 takes a different approach though as it’s a vacuum style CPU cooler. Which attaches to the side of your laptop and sucks additional air out giving the computers built-in exhaust fans a boost polar included a pretty solid attachment mechanism that includes an adjustable adhesive pad that stick securely to the bottom of your laptop. But it is a little bit difficult to remove due to the adhesive being so strong and a pair of string loaded arms that clamp the cooler into place there’s a limit to how far these arms will go so they might not fit a really bulky laptop.

There are also three flexible shrouds to form a seal around the laptop vent I picked gray as the other two colors were goody nursing home green and old person denture base then lastly there’s a squishy filter to keep out dust. The cooler is clearly designed for notebooks with side air vents as you might have difficulty mounting it if you’re only events on the back of your laptop just a heads up the whole thing is powered via USB and includes four rubber feet just in case you have a thin laptop and the cooler makes it so that you couldn’t balance it. On a table otherwise the build quality isn’t too bad with an unfortunately glossy black design with some silver accents around it and a ball bearing fan on the inside the cooler is controlled by the three buttons on top. Which are present for fan speed up fan speed down and switch the switch is between on automatic on manual and off the auto setting uses a temperature sensor to determine what speed to run it at all the manual setting allows you to pick from 12 13 different fan speeds.

Maybe a bit excessive but for those of you who were real you want that granular control I guess you might appreciate it but how does it actually perform to answer that question. We used a pair of gaming notebooks first off was our new EVGA SC 17 laptop featuring an Intel core i7 sky like mobile processor a 980 MGP. This thing can put out a lot of heat when gaming especially on the bezel between the top of the keyboard and the monitor which can actually become kind of painful to touch due to the high heat levels so this laptop. It seem to be a great candidate for some extra cooling we also tested our venom black book featuring a Haswell core i7 processor and a 9 7pm graphics card much like the se17.
The black book can get pretty hot both on the inside and to the touch so we were curious. The polar would handle this smaller yet still very powerful laptop we use our Crysis 3 skybox load test to heat up our GPU and our CPU for the se17. We ran the game at 4k at high settings and then for the black book we use 1080p resolution but cranked the settings up to very high we decided to first run the cooler all the way up to max just to see what it was capable of and while it was actually rather surprisingly awesome. The results did vary on the SC 17 temperatures on our GPU and CPU only dropped 34 degrees Celsius and the front bezel was nearly the same scorching temperature. However there was a much more noticeable difference on the smaller black book as our basal temperature dropped around seven degrees Celsius and our CPU and GPU ran nine to 10 degrees colder a very significant improvement after switching over to automatic mode the polar did a nice job with recognizing when to kick things up a notch. But again the results varied quite a bit between the two laptops it didn’t seem to make a dent in the se17 temperature in fact the poll results were similar to when we just used the VGAs fan boost option that roughly doubled the speed of the built in fans. Even when we combined the polar with fan boost we only saw a one-degree improvement on what we got using just you know fan boost.

However the Polar’s auto mode did cool off our black book a fair amount about 6 degrees on the bezel and seven degrees on the GPU and a full 10 degrees on the CPU funnily enough the polar did an unquestionably better job on the black book even though the black book CPU and GPU temperatures with default cooling were higher than those of the SC 17. Well we can’t say with complete certainty what’s responsible for the huge difference in our results the smaller body of the venom black book may have meant there was a smaller volume of hot air for it to pull out which would benefit a lot or that the smaller space made it easier to apply pressure in order to pull the air out.
It’s quite likely that the se17 may have just had a more aggressive built-in cooling solution for its higher-end GPU and the polar couldn’t really supplement that very well so just like any random CPU cooler for your desktop your mileage may vary in terms of how you’re using it and what you’re using it for a 26 bucks.
The polar LCO five is probably worth trying out if you have an average size two smaller laptop that always seems to be a little bit too hot for comfort especially if you like to take your games on the road tunnel bear is the easy to use VPN app for mobile. And desktop it lets you total up to 20 different countries allowing you to browse the internet and use online websites and services as though you are in that different country there’s also the anonymity of it they’ve got apps for iOS android pc and mac.

They’ve also got a chrome extension and its super easy to use you just pick your country and the app turn the tunnel bear switch on and watch as your bear tunnels your internet connection to your new location. When you turn it on to things happen your connection gets encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption and that public IP address that website can see whenever you access them gets switched so you show up as though you’re somewhere else and they fixed. All the annoying parts of using a VPN for personal use there’s no DNS report configurations and be a dad you just hit the switch boom it goes on and they give you 500 megabytes of data per month for free so you can try it out with no credit card required. That if you want to upgrade by the way you can save ten percent not going to tell their communication / LTT.

RTS Game to Perfection in Boom Beach

It’s become cliché for non-gamers to make fun of the those who play. But it’s hard to ignore the millions of loyal  fans out there who play their game like Boom Beach. Thankfully, Supercell seems to have paid attention to their needs and wants. Boom Beach for the iOS and Android is an excellent recreation: fun, deep and graphically impressive base building game that has taken cues from the cons of Clash of Clans. The question now is: Does this game lives up to the expectation? In a word, yes.

Boom Beach, with support for online gameplay in various matches and game modes, from challenge to singleplayer to multiplayer mode, to attack, to defend, and create the best base out there is a complete epitome of what fans have been looking for that were not present in other games. Diamonds will play a big factor on this game, so if you want to find out more about the best boom beach hack online tool.

There’s also a new mode called Task Force, and the good thing is that it brings social presence in the game, which is basically a fun and interesting feature. And don’t forget the training mode, which allows you to practice your strategy and tactics on both attacking and defending opponents in various situations. A great feature, which is a mandatory requirement in today’s base building game, but I am surprised others have not implemented it yet.

But perhaps the best part of Boom Beach game, and the reason players will keep coming back, is the challenge that it brings to the table. Tired of the standard RTS game? Challenge yourself to a whole new level. This game mode offers dozens of changeable options that allow you to get the look you want for your own king of the archipelago. This feature alone could arguably be worth the whole value of the game. We had so much fun with this option fighting against each other for hours of fun.

Graphically, Boom Beach is excellent, with hardly a hint of slowdown, even with so many players playing it at the same time. Though some of the sprites are not really that commendable, but with smoother animation everything looks perfect. Sound also is solid with their own theme music, which is passable, and a welcome addition to the atmosphere of the game.

Control, which is critical to any strategy game of this magnitude, is not a problem with Boom Beach both on smartphones and tablets. Each game character are optimized for best control settings possible. Most are performed with simple button presses — and reaction time is very impressive. When all these aspects are combined, it sums to an awesome game of minds and strategy in Boom Beach.

Something Interesting on Claptrap and its Character

The actual standout right here is not the weaponry or the foes, it’s the storyline of Claptrap. The memories you entry are not just ones essential to discover the H-Source, because they also inform you of that Claptrap had been a vault hunter and just what became of him after Jack abandoned him. I truly loved the exposition on Claptrap’s character since you wouldn’t think you’d choose to understand his story, however, you do. In spite of being a robot, he just isn’t perfect and even though we’ve seen these types of flaws play out playfully before as comic relief, it’s diverse seeing it directly.

Each and every part of the mission’s level design is about something in Claptrap’s conscience leading to some humorous times particularly when doing side quests; for example, being seen a small group of “cookies” exactly who request you to help “mine data” for them. You’ll usually see how the road to discovering Tassiter’s secrets is much more of a hurdle due to Claptrap’s inner demons and never the failsafe set up through the former leader of Hyperion.
The foes you’ll fight really are a diverse couple of computing-inspired enemies according to robots and also viruses. The robot foe classes are much more linked to Claptrap meaning they are all a form of “insecurity bots” that fight against you while you explore memories Claptrap is attempting to repress.

A few of the badass robots are actually firewalls, spewing fire towards you when you get too close, which makes them extra dangerous; others are people Trojans, designed with ominous horse heads. The  robot foes are a little easier to deal with however there are also flying spybots that will get a little bothersome especially because there are instances where they attack from the distance while you’re working with other foes, even bosses. Additionally, there are spybugs as well, and even though they do not shoot at you, they are doing project ads straight into your face so you’ve got to shoot them down.

The viruses are extremely fascinating foes to fight due to the fact some possess a distinctive ability where they could adapt to the weapons used against them, making you to become more tactical and also becoming a representation of just how actual computer viruses adapt over time. Although playing around The Nexus, you’ll furthermore come across pop-ads which accurately shoot up through the floor straight into your face. You may choose to invest cash on them to get expensive items plus they are purposefully gimmicky. Holographic messages are one of the most favorite areas of the set pieces, through the Nexus that signify Claptrap’s inner thoughts, and most favorite lines are being a tie between “You are unsuccessful 100% of the things that you try” or “Be much better at stuff.” Exactly who can’t understand that?

The newest problem weapons really are a nice touch however, sometimes are more a hassle to use, particularly whenever you discover one along with great specs even without the glitch mode. From time to time, the glitch weaponry might release a powerful barrage of bullets even when you’re simply using a pistol, (hope you are lucky enough to get that happen). During the period of using glitched-out SMGs, Shotguns, and also Assault Rifles, the most typical glitch had been continuous firing.

They assisted after (I) was battling a bigger number of foes, however there have been a few boss battles exactly where I() might just wind up spraying bullets in to nothing as the Boss moved rapidly round the battlefield. It uses up your ammunition too, when you get constant fire going and also there’s no instant ammo around you, you may become a sitting duck. There is one case in which I was lucky enough to get  high-powered shotgun glitch out in the end of a boss battle, helping deal the deathblow; even so, those times really are a little too far between.

Top Gear Rally – Bring your A+ Game

For a system that will soon have an abundance of racing titles, the Nintendo 64 was sorely lacking a true Rally simulation until now. Top Gear Rally is not only one of the most realistic and enjoyable rally titles on this console, but its one of the best looking on any console around.

The realism starts with the graphics. In contrast to the usual Nintendo 64 title, Top Gear Rally is surprisingly fog free. This is accomplished with clever track design that hides pop-in rather than concealing it with thick fog. It’s quite refreshing to actually play a Nintendo 64 game that looks like it was set in a location other than London or San Francisco.

While the environments in this title are rather sparse, they are generally more realistic looking than the standard rally racing game. The smooth textures used for the tracks express the organic nature of the locations the race travels through.

The control is strong as well, as players begin with several cars that don’t handle very well, but after a few races, they can earn new cars that are faster and easier to control. Differences between track conditions are noticeable and players must account for traction on each individual surface.

Players must also face changing environmental conditions that affect the road conditions. Driving on a clear sunny day is significantly different than driving in the middle of a snowstorm. Matching the visual image of weather conditions with a change in the handling feel has been accomplished quite well in this title.

Another feature that adds to the overall feel is the way the suspension is displayed. The wheels and the chassis are two separate entities held together by the suspension. This title does and excellent job displaying this as the wheels move up and down in relation to the body during the race. The effect of this sounds nominal, but adds an extra touch of reality to the game.

Of all this title’s features, the simulation aspects are its greatest strength. Like most other rally car racers, Top Gear Rally has a variety of vehicle options that armchair mechanics can fool around with. Unlike many other games, however, players can feel the results of their changes in a significant way.

The two player options are this title’s main weak point when compared to Fifa 17 by EA and its coins and point system. First of all, every multiplayer race is shrouded in darkness or fog. Sure this is a necessity to keep the frame rate up, but it is frustrating when compared to the clear racing in the single player mode.

Other problems include an irritating soundtrack that becomes unbearable after a short while, and a slowdown that occurs when only a couple of cars are on the screen at the same time. Also the game is laid out so that players will only see one or two opposing cars at a time, which is disappointing for those looking for close quarters driving.

While this title isn’t the perfect racer, it does offer some of the best rally action available on the Nintendo 64 and will endure itself to fans of the sport.


Random Thoughts on a Random Day

I remember when I was seven years old and I received my first 8-bit Nintendo set, thereby cementing myself to the developmental road of Gamerhood. I remember the wonder I used to feel when I looked at the figures of a fat little plumber and his brother jumping around on the screen. Now all I feel when I look at them is a sense of deep, deep disappointment. Nintendo, you’re a pud. Stop the witch hunt.

In the meantime, my archives are messed up, and due to the scary-ass html remnants left over from the Geocities pagebuilder I moved this site to Freeservers off of, I don’t know why.

It’s good to be back in the dorm. I’m currently working on some new storylines n’stuff, which is what I amused myself with over break while I couldn’t draw my comics. I also took up reading the newspaper like a good citizen every morning over my bowl of cinnamon oatmeal (sweet sweet oatmeal) and a tall glass of apple cider. My favorite article by far was the one that detailed the Army’s new slogan change. How many of you were aware of this?

Remember “be all that you can be?” No more. The new Army slogan is “An Army of One.” Plus, I have it on good authority that they’re changing the style of the current classic quasi-baseball cap army hat look to…berets. That’s right, berets. Cracker, I advise you to get out as soon as you possibly can, ’cause the times, they are a’changin’. Unless you think a beret would go with your snooty turtleneck European look.